Worst Wedding Scenarios in Your Wedding Venue in San Jose, CA

Wedding Disasters and How to Avoid Them


Wedding VenueEveryone is excited but no one is more excited than the future bride and groom. Planning a wedding can be stressful but still is fun, colorful and enjoyable. The best thing to do first is to create the guest’s list then look for an ideal wedding venue in San Jose, CA. If you find the perfect spot for your wedding, then the process would sail smoothly.

During the actual wedding, no matter full of love, how calm and how excited everyone is, there are  not-so good scenarios may ruin everything. So make sure to read the following to in order for you to avoid these wedding chaos.


Legally not Legal Wedding

You propose, she said yes. You prepare, you said “I do” and at the end of the day, you will know that everything was wasted. The matrimony is not legal. Worst case scenario isn’t it?


No matter how busy you are with the wedding venue in San Antonio, TX, with the wedding caterer, the dress and other wedding stuffs, never ever forget to attend to the legal needs of your wedding. You want to tie the knot officially through the eyes of everyone, so make sure to pass whatever requirements are needed and do whatever it takes to make it legal.


The officiant is missing

You can never be man and wife without a legally authorized person to announce it. Make sure to keep close contact with the wedding officiant to avoid this kind of disaster. You don’t want all your efforts to go to nothing just because of this person missing. If possible, arrange a pre-ceremony rehearsal as to make sure that everyone that should be there is there.


It’s raining kisses, and WATER!

Ops! You weather forecaster told you that no rain is coming on your big day, but it did. One of the worst wedding scenario that you may witness is everything falling apart because of the rain. Though it may looked like it won’t rain, see to it that you always have a backup plan especially when you are walking down the aisle on an outdoor wedding venue.

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