Choose Wisely From Wedding Venues in Houston TX

wedding venues in houstonYour wedding is perhaps the most romantic day of your life. You want everything perfect for your wedding that is why you plan everything, from planning the minutest details of choosing the design of your place card numbers to choosing the reception area.

There are plenty wedding venues in Houston which makes it hard to decide on which should you go for. To make things easier for you, I have here some tips in choosing the perfect wedding venue.

#1 Set a Budget

Before you start looking for any wedding venues in Houston TX, make sure that you have set your budget. Do not go for Houston wedding venues that go beyond your budget; stick to your budget. You can ask about their payment schemes, how much they require for them to lock in your dates, when to pay the balance, etc..

Also, ask if they have credited caterers and if they have wedding packages; if they have wedding packages, avail these to save money. Remember that getting married is only the beginning, and you do not want to spend all of your savings for your wedding day.

#2 Consider Your Number of Guests

Wedding venues in Houston vary with the capacity of people they can accommodate.  There are venues that can accommodate less than a hundred guests  and there are also banquet halls that can accommodate up to a thousand. The more people you have in your guest list, the bigger venue you need. If you are on a budget, lessen the number of your guests so that you can save up on food and on your reception venue.

#3 Have a Theme for Your Wedding

It is important that you have a theme in mind for your wedding. This will make choosing a wedding reception venue easier for you.  Banquet halls in Houston TX have interiors that will match the theme of your wedding. Some banquet halls already have decorations that can match the theme you are planning to have.

#4 Check the Availability of the Venue

This is very important. Your chosen venue must be available and free on the day and time of your wedding. If you really want that particular venue, book that venue early. Most banquet halls in Houston do not accept pencil bookings, so make sure that you pay the reservation fees to lock in your desired date.

#5 Consider the Facilities

It is advisable that you ask as many questions you can before you sign any contracts. Before you book any of the Houston wedding reception venues, consider first the facilities they have. Can you have the wedding ceremony there? Can they provide a bridal suite for you and your entourage? Do they have enough air conditioning to make you and your guests comfortable? Are they handicapped accessible? Are there enough lavatories in the venue?

#6 Inquire About the Parking

Be sure that your chosen venue has ample parking for the number of guests you have. Ask if parking is complimentary or if you are going to be charged for it.

#7 Ask for Their Equipments.

Ask if the venue can provide sound and light system. If the sound and light systems are complimentary then good; if not, ask how much do they charge or if they charge you if you get another sound and light system supplier.

#8 Banquet

Most reception halls in Houston TX have credited caterers. They can offer wedding packages and these packages are more practical than having another caterer. Now, if you prefer to hire another caterer, ask if they will allow you to and how much will you be charged.

Hopefully these tips I have listed can help you in your search for the perfect wedding reception venue. Spend time on researching about the different wedding venues in Houston. Never hesitate to ask questions and see the venues for yourself before you decide to go for one.

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