How to Make Your First Wedding Dance Amazing in Houston, TX?

Tips to Help You Have a Memorable First Dance

You can avoid all of the uneasiness of your wedding dance by simply having a plan. Your plan can be as complex as spending hours on end memorizing intricate choreography, or as simple as practicing here and there to your special song. Regardless of how you approach the dance, your movements on the dance floor comprise one of your first joint endeavors as husband and wife. Your wedding dance can be a beautiful and rewarding experience for you, your fiancée, and your guests. Here are some tips that can take the first wedding dance in Houston, TX from awkward to amazing.

Wedding danceChoose Your song with care

When you look for a song, you will of course lean toward one with meaning to you and your fiancée. However, there are other things to consider if you want something special. Firstly, many beautiful songs were not written with dancing in mind. You will definitely want to listen to the song to see if you can easily determine the beat. The rhythm and style of your song is equally important as these aspects will greatly influence what kind of dance you can perform. Don’t let a long song discourage you from choosing it though, a good DJ or dance instructor experienced with audio editing will be able to maintain the essence of your song while trimming it down to manageable length.

Work out an Introduction and a Conclusion

Every professional dance will use an entrance and an exit. You definitely should also. In addition to looking great, planning how you enter and exit will add a lot of depth to your presentation and ease your tension. Consider what you activity happens before your dance. Spend some time planning how you will smoothly segue into the next activity. It is a shame when a couple really nails their first wedding dance in Houston, TX only to look around awkwardly to figure out what to do next.

Practice Often, and Start as Soon as You Can

Even if you are already comfortable with dancing, start your dance practice as soon as possible. Every performance is different and all choreographed dances require many hours of work regardless of skill level. You will want to give yourself plenty of time with new movements to feel comfortable and confident with your dance steps. Almost every couple preparing for a wedding will need several private lessons, for their reception six to nine lessons seems to be the sweet spot. Keep this in mind when and compare it to your timeline. If you think your schedule is busy you should see how packed a good instructor is in the middle of wedding season!

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