Different Types of Wedding Day Luxury Transportation in Oakland, CA

Perfect Luxury Transportation for Wedding

wedding luxury transportation1Planning is the key to have a less stressful wedding this is why it is imperative to come up with wedding luxury transportation in Oakland, CA ahead of time. There are different types of luxury transportation that is available in the market today, however you don’t need to purchase one. Renting luxury cars will save you a lot of money rather than owning one.

Below are some types of wedding luxury transportation in Oakland, CA that will be perfect for your wedding.

Luxury Limousines

Of all the luxury cars the most popular is the limousines. Couples may use this vehicle for the event either it is traditional wedding or modern.  Good thing about this car is that it can pick you up from the hotel and take you to the venue.  Same thing for your wedding guests, this wedding luxury transportation in Oakland, CA can be used to transport guests from one point to another because of its huge passenger capacity.  This is also perfect as getaway car after the celebration and used for the honeymoon. This car can suit any wedding theme. There are lots of types of limousine. Pick something that will match your personal style and taste.


If you are looking for something fun and attractive fleet for your wedding day then trolley is the perfect one. This type of wedding luxury transportation in Oakland, CA can accommodate at least twenty to forty people. Perfect for huge wedding parties. Because of its antique & old fashion look it is ideal for vintage wedding theme. This type of car creates interesting details when used as accessory for the wedding photography. The only down side of trolley is that they are limited. Not all rental companies offer such car.

Exotic Cars

For those couples who want something unique and fabulous an exotic car will do the work. This is unique option to any type of wedding vehicles. Exotic cars are ideal for sporty and adventurous couple. The only problem with this wedding luxury transportation in Oakland, CA is that it is too expensive. Sports car is the most popular choice for exotic cars. Ferrari is said to be the topnotch choice for such transportation. However, sports cars are good for the couple only because of its limited sets.

It is important that when planning to have a luxury car for transportation you need to book ahead of time because they might be limited and not all car rental companies offer such fleet. Also, whatever you choose just make sure to confirm all your details. Luxury cars are very expensive this is why before signing any contract you need to read and understand the terms and condition to avoid any problem in the future, click for more info.

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